R L Rajkumar PMJF MAF
Lion R L Rajkumar joined Lions Club of Pamunugama JaEla in the year 2013 as a Charter Member and became a Melvin Jones Fellow in 2015, Mahendra Amerasuriya Fellow in 2018 and a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow in 2019. He is a Graduate of ALLI, CWTIEL and also is a certified Guiding Lion.
Lion Raj being Disciplined, Dedicated and dynamic Lion, has served as Club Secretary, Club President, Membership Chairperson, Club Director at club level and served as Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson and Deputy Cabinet Secretary at the District Level.
Lion Rajkumar in his Strong and Short Lionistic Carrier of seven years through his passion to serve and the importance given to Lionism was awarded Champion Club President of the District during Fiscal Year 2015/ 2016. He became the 1st Runner up Most Outstanding Zone Chairperson in the Fiscal Year 2016/2017 and also became the Most Outstanding Region Chairperson for Humanitarian Services and Financial Contribution in the year 2017/2018. Lion Raj and Lion Marian became Lion Couple of the year for two Consecutive years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 respectively and their family became Lions Family of the year in the year 2017/2018.  He was the Deputy Cabinet Secretary of District Governor Lion Deva Peter PMJF in the year 2018/ 2019. Lion Rajkumar was voted as the 2nd Vice District Governor in the 2019 District Convention with the highest ever Majority of 137 Votes of District 306 B1.
In the District Convention held in May 2020 he was elected as the 1st Vice District Governor with a 99.5 % YES vote of the votes casted.
He has the distinction of sponsoring more than 250 Cataract surgeries for the underprivileged people all around the country. Out of which 72 Cataract Surgeries were done in Kilinochchi area for the war affected needy people. Lion Raj believes in the Philosophy that, Legacy Projects are the pillars for the Growth of our Organization, built a Community Center at Our Lady of Madu Church Premises in Suduwella, JaEla for the needy people in the area. He built a Dental unit in the Negombo Prison for the inmates at the request of the Negombo Prison Officials and Sponsored three Engineering students of Peradeniya University of all their educational needs right throughout their University education. Further, he sponsored a scholarship to the 1st Blind Boy who got through the year 5 Scholarship exam in 2013, which is continued for the last 7 years. In addition to these he has identified the needs of the community all around the country and done countless service projects for the needy.
Born in a family of five boys and being the youngest of all stayed in Sri Lanka to look after his Parents and serve Mother Lanka when his siblings migrated during the war days. He was brought up by his parents with ethics, morals, and simplicity to the core.
Lion Raj owns and manages repute Businesses with sound Technical and Administrative Skills. He is a Leader with matured and innovative Ideology combined with his quality of amicable nature is evident to all the Lions.
He is a proud product of St. Josephs College, Colombo 10 and have represented his college in Soccer.
He is Married to Lion Marian, who is also a dedicated Lion was the President of Lions Club of Pamunugama JaEla and was awarded best secretary for best reporting and became the Lion lady of the Year at the 2017 Multiple Convention. She is a Melvin Jones Fellow and a Mahendra Amerasuriya Fellow.
Lion Raj and Lion Marian are blessed with two sons and a Daughter and blessed with two grandchildren.